Saturday, 12 March 2016

Singapore via Legoland


After less than 2 months, we paid a visit to Singapore again during recent CNY holiday.  The main objectives were to go up to the MBS SkyPark and also its SkyWay at the SuperTree Grove.  Since we got free tickets to the Legoland, we  made a detour to the theme park for the 2nd time to at least experience the Dragon coaster ride.
Legoland from the above
On the way to JB, we spend a night at Batu Pahat for JJCM and meeting an old friend there.  The following day we head straight to Legoland before spending 2 nights in JB.  Luckily, the condition inside the park was very nice and accommodating considering the generally very hot weather in the whole country at that time.  We managed to get on several attractions that we missed the 1st time we went there including the Boat ride, Driving school and the Dragon coaster ride.  Mission accomplished there.
Dragon coaster ride
On the 3rd day, we drove and parked our car at the Larkin bus terminal in order to take a bus to Singapore.  We bought return tickets and had to get off and on the bus twice for passport checking and clearance.  Surprisingly, the immigration process was very smooth with much lesser crowd that we had expected. 
Inside Sultan Mosque
Upon arriving at the bus station at Bugis, we went to the Sultan Mosque for solat and lunch at a famous nasi beriani and murtabak nearby.  After that, we walked to the nearest MRT station to go to the MBS.  We went up to the SkyPark before proceeding to the SuperTree Grove.  The view from the SkyPark was not disappointing even though the tickets were quite pricey. 
MBS SkyPark
Then, we went down and walked towards the SuperTree.  After purchasing the tickets and while queuing to go up the SkyWay, the weather became a little bit windy.  Suddenly, it got a little bit stronger and stronger until the visit up the SkyWay had to be stopped. 
MBS behind the SuperTrees
We were given the choice to try our luck later on that day or come again within a month before the ticket expires.  We decided to give it a miss and went back to JB by bus.  By that time, the weather became a little bit cloudy and rainy. 

SkyWay between SuperTrees
Generally, the trip was ok except the bad luck of missing the SkyWay experience once again.  Maybe that will be a reason to pay yet another visit to Singapore in the future and maybe driving our car all the way there, insyaAllah.

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