Thursday, 28 March 2013

my 1st photobook


I'm very excited to finally get my 1st photobook from Photobook Malaysia (PM) There are many outlets out there that offer this kind of services, but PM got the most positive reviews from the bloggers that I came across.  Personally, I felt the services were excellent in terms of easiness of using the user-friendly photobook designer and also in terms of delivery of the finished product.  Even with my cheap DSLR and compact camera, the photos turned out fantastic.  It's really nothing much since it is just a printed copies of selected travel pictures, but it was worthwhile and satisfying knowing that you had created and customized your own travel magazine for safekeeping and future reference.

The trick here is not to buy directly from PM, but to buy PM coupons from many discount websites.  In my case, I got 75% discount from myDeal where I bought 4 coupons.  I used all 4 coupons at once for my travel photo to Sydney & Gold Coast, Europe, South Korea and New Zealand.  I feel very disappointed with myself that I did not buy more coupons when I had the chance because now I have to wait for next offer to come in order to print more of my old travel pictures.  Nevertheless, this has become my new hobby where I'll produce more photobooks whenever I travel again, InsyaAllah.

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