Sunday, 25 December 2016

Pulau Lagenda Hilites

Assalamu'alaikum!  Below are the hilites of our trip to the island during recent Diwali break ...

Taking flight instead of the usual ferry

The very first thing that we look for after getting our rented car
Staying here for 2N as an appreciation from the company

Catching the sunset at Pantai Cenang behind our hotel room

Riding the able car which we never tried during previous trips

Staying another 2N at this serene and wonderful setting 
Shopping near this landmark at pekan Kuah 

Visiting few, but compulsory historical places

Island hopping after a day delay due to weather condition

Swimming again in Tasik Dayang Bunting after ~10 years
Last but not least, for me the foods are heavenly delicious,

We just say that this will be our last trip here, but just maybe we will come back because of the food, who knows? InsyaAllah.